Low-temperature Plasma

Using the plasma jet, you can treat surfaces, 3D objects, smooth surfaces, porous surfaces as well as surfaces with minor hollows. The treatment fits to all kinds of surfaces as well as to the materials sensitive to high temperatures. Plasma can cause these effects:

Surface Activation - plasma changes the surface energy of the material and it improves the adhesion of coatings to the surface. During the surface activation, the joint strength is increased several times.
Materials: Metal, plastics, glass, ceramics, wood, rubber, painted surfaces and others
Application Examples: Adhesive bonding

Film Durability - prior to material surface treatment, the resistance of the subsequently applied coatings to mechanical and chemical effects is increased. The abrasion resistance of paints and varnishes and their resistance to the degradation due to chemical effects are significantly increased.
Materials: Paint, varnish and others
Application Examples: Paints and varnishes

Cleaning and degreasing - plasma removes all micro-impurities from the surface quickly, deeply, and in high-quality, what replaces chemical and mechanical cleaning, e.g. metal cleaning with hazardous chemicals, such as tetrachlorethylene.
Materials: Metal, plastics, glass, rubber and others
Application Examples: Metals

Reduction in Consumption - upon the action of plasma on the surface, the amount of the product required for the formation of the protective film is reduced, without any worsening of the current parameters. The amount of adhesives required for joining the material is reduced, without any impairment of the joint quality.
Materials: aAhesives, varnish, paint, ink
Application Examples: Adhesives

Layer Curing - Various kinds of surface layers can be cured more quickly and with higher quality by means of the special environment formed by plasma. It accelerates the curing process of paints and varnishes, thus saving the costs of equipment operation and high energy consumption.
Materials: Paint, varnish, ink
Application Examples: Paints and varnishes

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